"More gentle than a breeze is your love "

Husky's Bio

Husky writes and sings songs about love and social justice.

About sharing apple juice and heartache. About climate and biodiversity. About inclusivity and connection. About dancing and dreaming.

Basically about everything that touches the heart and makes live beautiful.

Husky lives in Utrecht City

In 2005 Husky left the village he grew up in (500 inhabitants) and went to Utrecht City. There also the writing of songs really took off.

After a 40 days challenge to write one song per day he continued writing, although at a more human pace.

From poet to lyriscist

Already from a young age Husky had a creative sense of language.
He started writing poetry.

Some friends that were making music once asked him to wirte some lyrics. They stimulated him to start writing songs himself.

From lyriscist to songwriter

Husky gets a lot of his inspiration from people. But also writing in different places helps the creative process.

Guitar and vocals form the basis from which Husky started writing and does until this day. The benefit of just singing accompanied by simple accompaniment is that you can perform in almost any setting. This is also interaction with the audience in it´s purest form.

Arranging, prgramming and producing

Sometimes songs are suited to be arranged further
or require a certain mood.

Then Husky dives into the studio to record or program extra tracks.

Anytime, everywhere.

The best time to write is álways.
The best place to write is éverywhere.

Husky often travels the country by train.
Also on the road composing and producing is an option.